Elderly man getting pushed in a wheelchair

Caretaker Abuse

Caring for nursing home residents require that employees are kind, compassionate, and patient. When residents are stolen from or abused, nursing homes need to put their residents above their finances. Making sure that the highest hiring standards are followed-through at a nursing home is the easiest way to maintain a professional, high-quality experience for residents.

All too frequently, the very nursing home people who are entrusted to care for residents instead end up abusing or neglecting their residents. Although the law requires that all nursing homes perform background checks on all job applicants, nursing homes frequently ignore the law and hire people with criminal backgrounds. Why? It can be less expensive to hire people who have a criminal background. When nursing homes ignore the mandatory background checks, or when nursing homes ignore the warning signs of abuse, tragic results can follow.

Remember, if your loved one comes to you reporting abuse, this behavior has likely been occurring for far too long. Not only is your loved one at risk, but so is every other resident at that nursing home. A single abusive employee can hurt several residents, so be sure to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities first.

At Lloyd & Lloyd, we have represented numerous clients who have been the victims of physical assaults and sexual abuse by nursing home employees. Please call us if you suspect that a loved one has been abused.


No family wants to face having to put a loved one into a nursing home. However, if it is necessary to take this step, the family deserves to know that the promises of the nursing home to take care of their parent(s) are true.

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