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Resident to Resident Abuse

A growing cause of injuries in nursing homes results from resident-on-resident abuse. All too often, the nursing home chooses to keep certain residents in the facility, even though the nursing home knows that these residents pose a threat to other residents and to themselves. The abuse by residents can involve both physical and sexual abuse.

The reason many nursing homes allow dangerous residents to remain is clear: Many nursing homes need to fill their beds with residents – even dangerous residents – to increase that nursing home’s revenue. In fact, on several occasions, the Directors of Nursing and Administrators have testified under oath that even when they wanted to remove dangerous residents from their facilities, the nursing home owners would require that the dangerous residents remain in order to increase the profits of the nursing home.

When nursing homes put their own residents at risk in order to maintain profits, they need to be held accountable. Residents who abuse other residents physically or sexually should be removed as soon as possible. This issue is taken lightly far too often with inaction being the response. If a loved one tells you about resident-on-resident abuse taking place, make sure to ask if the dangerous resident is still at the nursing home. If they are, your loved one might be at risk because of the nursing home’s poor practices.


No family wants to face having to put a loved one into a nursing home. However, if it is necessary to take this step, the family deserves to know that the promises of the nursing home to take care of their parent(s) are true.

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