Oklahoma ranks in the bottom 5 of all states in Medicare rating system for nursing homes in United States

An exhaustive study recently released by the Kaiser Family Foundation compared the rankings of nursing homes nationwide.The Study analyzed the Medicare (CMS) rating system for each of the 15,500 nursing homes in the United States.  This rating system looks at the deficiencies that are reported for each nursing home, and then translates each nursing home’s history into a ranking, from 1-5 stars.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma ranked in the bottom 5 of all states.  In Oklahoma, 46% of all nursing home residents are in homes that are either 1 or 2 stars, out of 5 possible stars.

But there are some trends that will help Oklahoma residents chose quality care for their loved ones:

  • Nationwide, for-profit homes tend to score lower than non-profit homes; and
  • Nursing homes with a larger number of beds score lower than homes with smaller numbers of beds.

This study highlights the research that is necessary for families to choose the right nursing home.

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