A lot of potential clients fill out the contact form or call our Sand Springs office because they simply aren’t sure whether or not they have a case. They themselves have been the victim of abuse or neglect in an eldercare facility, or they are inquiring on behalf of a friend or loved one.
Here’s a quick overview of the common nursing home abuses found in Oklahoma so you know if you should contact an attorney for help. Remember, it never hurts to ask—don’t take the chance of letting the suffering continue.

• Bed sores and pressure ulcers: if you notice skin discoloration, bruises or other abnormalities, something could definitely be wrong.
• Malnutrition: how are the meals at the facility? If a meal is missed, do they make sure all the nutrients are given to the client? Does your loved one seem weaker? Look for dehydration symptoms as well.
• Resident on resident abuse: people often think the staff is directly doing the abuse—it could be their lack of monitoring while others at the eldercare facility are doing the physical acts.
• Medication error: there should never be a time when meds aren’t given or are distributed incorrectly.
• Hygiene: every resident should be cleaned and dressed properly or that is body neglect.

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