Elderly abuse is unfortunately an ongoing problem, so much so that there are statistics showing the reality of what it is like for elderly individuals under the care of others. Research has shown the following:

About one out of every 14 instances of elderly abuse (as well as self-neglect) in domestic environments is brought to the attention of local or state authorities.

Just one out of every 25 cases of financial manipulation is reported. The unreported cases would escalate the amount of financially exploited elderly people to 5 million each year. Elder financial abuse and fraud is estimated to cost elders anywhere from $2.9 billion to $36.5 billion each year. That said, elders themselves often report financial abuse at higher rates than physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.

A different study of out the National Elder Abuse Incidence Study showed that nearly 20% of cases of elderly neglect, self-neglect, exploitation or abuse are reported.

Recent statistics have shown that more than 50% of nursing home workers have admitted to abusing residents in private.

What’s worse is that abused elders’ risk of death is 300% higher than their peers who aren’t mistreated.

Fortunately, information from Adult Protective Services in every state points to a trend toward increased reporting of elder abuse. There is an Adult Protective Services for every state, and some of those states are required by law to report elder abuse. In 2013, Oklahoma laws were revised to permit video surveillance behind closed doors to help better elderly patient safety.

This information shows that elderly abuse is more common than some might realize. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of elderly abuse. If you have concerns that an elderly loved one of yours has been or is being abused in a nursing home or another elderly care facility, please report it by calling Oklahoma’s Adult Protective Services at 405-521-3660 or 800-522-3511. Then, contact us to see what your legal options are.

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